Michelle Lilly
Digital Currency Expert

Michelle Lilly is the founder of several digital currency companies and initiatives.


She has made it her goal to build strong networks and educate about digital currency.


Michelle has authored several books on crytocurrency education and investment.

Meet Michelle Lilly.

Michelle Lilly, also known as the “Digital Diva,” is an entrepreneur, cryptocurrency and technology investor and educator, philanthropist, international speaker, business mentor, and a visionary with the power to inspire and create results. Michelle holds certifications in Blockchain and Ethereum Technology, and is the first African-American woman to hold a MSc in Digital Currency.

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She is a true visionary and has navigated all aspects of business processes, from start-up to sales, raising capital, business and product development. Michelle is the founder of Disruptive Blockchain Technologies, a Blockchain Technology Innovation company, and is also the Co-Founder of Crypto Rich U, which she founded with her two children, focusing on cryptocurrency education.

Educational Contributions

Ms. Lilly has also built and educated cryptocurrency networks over 10000+. She has authored four books on cryptocurrency; Crypto Rich, 21st Century Finance for Women; Crypto Basics and a Amazon Best Seller, Cryptocurrency and the New Black Wall Street. Michelle is currently educating and developing strategic alliances and partnerships across the globe in the cryptocurrency and the blockchain industry.

Inspiring Our Future

Her passion lies in empowering women and youth, to realize their full human potential, while creating financial freedom for themselves. Michelle, draws on her education, research and life experiences to guide and inspire people to tap the power of greatness within themselves. She believes in conscious, fearless and bold living! Michelle enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, reading and yacht parties. She has a wonderful sense of humor and great compassion. Her motto is “You are the Opportunity!”

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