Asante McGee
Serial Entrepreneur
Motivational Speaker

Asante McGee has made it her mission to use her platform to inspire young women everywhere.

Self-Love Advocate

Her experiences strengthen her to teach others crucial lessons about self-love and healing.


Asante has written several books about her experiences and the lessons she learned from them.

Meet Asante McGee.

A survivor of years of abuse, Asante McGee has traveled the road from understanding love to becoming a thriving business owner. Through her growth, Asante learned that she could never give up on herself, her children nor her dreams for her future.

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Voice of Encouragement

Since speaking out and sharing her story, as a survivor of abuse from birth to her adulthood, Asante hopes to use her voice to encourage young women to find and pursue their passions and talents, and to show victims of abuse that there is light, love and positivity at the end of the tunnel. Asante has shared her motivational and glorious story in People Magazine, Inside Edition, NBC News, Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly documentary as well as her memoir No Longer Trapped in The Closet: The Asante McGee Story.

Business Influence

As a business owner, Ms. McGee continues to use her platform to speak life into young women and to motivate them to pursue their passions. Throughout her life, McGee had to overcome the naysayers to prove to herself and others that she could achieve her dreams. Now, Asante wants to be the cheerleader that every young girl needs.

Reclaiming Life

In addition to an 11-year marriage of abuse and manipulation, Asante McGee was one of several victims of R. Kelly. These hardships continue to motivate her to push harder, speak out against abuse, and encourage young women to love themselves. Since her escape from Kelly, she has spoken out about her experiences on several platforms to help women everywhere.

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