Keisha Credit
Entrepreneurial Coach

Keisha Credit is an experienced business owner and entrepreneurial strategist.


She has shared her expertise and experiences on a variety of online and print platforms.

Business Coach

Keisha makes great efforts to advise the next generation of business owners and billionaires.

Meet Keisha Credit.

As a visionary entrepreneur, Keisha Credit’s persistence, problem-solving, and creativity, serves as the foundation for her business success. Since leaving her corporate role at Microsoft in 2013, she’s been a full-time-entrepreneur focused on bringing products to the masses that simply life and create conversation.

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Diversified Acumen

Keisha Credit is veteran entrepreneur – businesses span from a million-dollar custom wig company, to luxury candles, organic hair products, and Christian apparel. After launching multiple companies, selling one, and reaching that “Million Dollar Revenue” milestone, she knew it was time to help others pursue & fulfill their entrepreneurial dreams.

Business Brands

Having sold one company, running three consecutively, and acquiring her Masters in Entrepreneurship from the University of Washington, she now takes the skills, tools, and knowledge acquired to Inspire and coach others budding business owners around the world through her ‘Business Bestie’ brand, and newly launched, ‘Kreate with Keisha’, as she tackles home renovation & generational wealth.


She truly enjoys solving problems, and she can be found online talking business, or sharing helpful tips for those who have experienced similar parts of her entrepreneurial journey. Her gift is solving problems and finding solutions. She believes that to elevate the world, you’ve got to lead by example, and walk the walk!

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