Toni Grant
Fashion Designer
Fashion Designer

Toni Grant is a passionate designer with a desire to continuously evolve her portfolio.

Celebrity Stylist

She has created designs for Hollywood stars such as Vivica A. Fox, Lizzo and more.

Business Owner

Toni owns V'Che, a luxury fashion design brand rooted in transformation.

Meet Toni Grant.

Toni Grant is the fashion designer and the founder of V’Che, launched in August 2019 based out of Dallas, Texas. She is inspired to create trendy, chic sexy and sophisticated women clothing with everyone in mind. Empowering women with style, look, and confidence is her mantra.

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Early Beginnings

Her passion for fashion, design, and style started early in life, beginning in childhood when she demonstrated her creativity through styling her dolls which were mostly inspired by glamorous & classy couture. Never wanting to conform or fit into one box, when the time came to decide what to do in life, she culminated her talent and inspiration into her brand, V’Che Label.

An Evolving Artist

Toni Grant continues to inject her personality and passion into an evolving portfolio of much beautiful design collection, styling photoshoots, and unique artwork, proving herself an excellent representative for the millennial generation in the Fashion Industry. To her, fashion is her language and it speaks for itself.


She has had a strong sense of fashion as a young girl that people always associate her with style. Being a vibrant and glamorous fashion designer, she inspires women to feel confident, to achieve more, to be fearless, and to adopt: “We are the best!” mindset.

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