Dominique Side
Lifestyle Influencer
Lifestyle Influencer

Dominique Side is the mind behind several creative endeavors based on ethical living.


She is the founder and owner of several independent businesses in varies industries.

Recording Artist

She released her first project IRL in 2021, along with several music videos.

Meet the Luxury Vegan.

Dominique Side is The Luxury Vegan, the world’s leading authority in luxury ethical living. As the co-founder of the 7-figure entrepreneurial multiplex Vgn Bae, her mission is to inspire and support other change-makers and influencers to transition to a compassionate-based vegan lifestyle, without compromising on their luxury quality of life.

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An Elevated Lifestyle

As a music artist and highly successful serial entrepreneur, Dominique understands first-hand the complexities that come from navigating the transition to compassionate-based veganism while maintaining an elevated lifestyle.

The Luxury Vegan

Dominique is embarking on her most profound endeavor to date with The Luxury Vegan, the world’s only concierge vegan transition service for individuals who are determined to succeed in their mission to live a more compassionate lifestyle.

Serial Entrepreneur

Dominique Side is the founder of several independent businesses including VegSide Mkt, and Vgn Bae media conglomerate, which includes Vgn Bae Apparel, Vgn Bae Studios, and the Vgn Bae Music Group.

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