Jamie Elmore
Confidence Coach
Editor In Chief

Jamie Elmore is the founder of Bald Life Magazine, a publication that features and supports people living with hair loss.

Motivational Speaker

She has shared her wisdom and experiences as a motivational speaker, writer, and alopecia confidence coach.


Jamie is the founder of two hair loss support organizations: Alopecia Support Group, and the Bald Bosses.

Meet Jamie Elmore.

Jamie Elmore is a hairstylist, and salon owner. She was first diagnosed with alopecia in 2004. Striving to regain normalcy in her life she began dreaming, planning, and becoming a resource for what she wished was accessible when she was dealing with the post traumatic effects of Alopecia and her firsthand experiences of hair loss.

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Experience with Alopecia

Jamie Elmore is a hairstylist, salon owner of J Salon in Seattle, WA and has worked in the industry for 30 years. Despite her professional experience she struggled with hair loss. Jamie suffered in silence for years. Her doctor prescribed an array of medications for depression and self-induced panic attacks. She was living a “Masquerade.” As a hairstylist she could not fix herself. In 2006, she gained the courage to shave the remaining hair from her head.

Bald Life Magazine

In 2020, Jamie published Bald Life Magazine which features men, women, and children from every corner of the world that are living with hair loss due to alopecia, cancer, medically induced or simply by choice. The magazine is a platform for bald individuals to heal, find their voice, and share their stories.

Community Leadership

Jamie is the founder of the Alopecia Support Group, Founder of the Bald Bosses, a motivational speaker, writer, alopecia confidence coach, radio producer, executive producer of a documentary entitled “Harmony” alopecia stories, Editor in Chief of Bald Life Magazine, Soul Café publisher of the year award 2021, and has been featured on the Emmy Award winning show Red Table Talk.

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