Stephanie Davis
Empowerment Expert
Media Specialist

Stephanie Davis has a diverse background in professional media representation.

Business Consultant

Stephanie is recognized as a great strategist on both small business and corporate levels.

Event Host

She has hosted her own business empowerment events, alongside appearances as a panelist.

Meet Stephanie Davis.

Stephanie Davis has the Tenacity of a diamond, the heart of a true leader, and the favor of a Higher Power that allowed her to escape a life of abuse and led her to a successful life as an author, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and now producer of one of the most anticipated awards weekend, Black Media Honors™.

Event Info
Socialize & Network

Brown Girls Brunch is a social event that strongly encourages women of different backgrounds to have fun and build relationships.

Entrepreneurship Coaching

With wisdom shared from our Fireside Chat guests, you will gain access to exclusive insight applicable to your unique place in the world of business.

Educational Workshops

Our primary goal is to enable you to use these memorable, one-of-a-kind experiences to take the next steps to entrepreneurship.

Empower Media Group

Under the umbrella of Empower Media Group, Stephanie publishes a conglomerate of editorials to include WE Magazine & Hustle and Soul Magazine.

Black Media Honors

Stephanie is also the executive producer and creator of Black Media Honors, an entertainment conglomerate founded to empower the black men and women in media and advocate for African-American culture.

Our Sole Purpose

She is also the Founder of Our Sole Purpose. a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. dedicated to social justice, educating, empowering and provoking individuals to pursue a greater purpose.

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