Benita Thomas
Entrepreneur & CEO

Benita Thomas is the founder of Love Her Period Corporation, an afro-'femtech' company created to address the needs of every woman.

Health Advocate

Having realized the effects of dangerous chemicals in feminine products, she continues efforts to promote healthier care for women everywhere.

Community Leader

Benite has spearheaded several non-profit initiatives to address and educate people about the global issue of period poverty.

Meet Benita Thomas.

Benita Thomas is a force. She is a visionary leader, a tenacious trailblazer and disruptive innovator - with a passion for community health and wellness. Her dedication to ensuring women have education, information and access to clean products and services was born from her pure commitment as a mother.

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Health Experience

Benita discovered first-hand that chemical ingredients within everyday products (we have all used) can have an extreme impact on our health. Becoming an unrivaled champion for her daughter’s healing, when at only two years old a lump on her neck turned out to be cancerous. Benita’s love, devotion and unapologetic resolve ushered her daughter into a beautifully bountiful and healthy life to this day.

Femtech Visionary

As Founder, CEO and Chief Visionary of Love Her Period Corporation, Benita is at the helm of an afro-'femtech' company created to address the needs of every part of every womxn. Offering a curated selection of clean, trusted support and resources, for all who identify as women throughout their life's ages and stages.

Non-Profit Initiatives

She has also developed a non-profit to directly address the global crisis of period poverty. Believing all who menstruate should experience their periods with dignity and care, having easy access to clean and safe products. In a full-circle focus and to address health and wellness within community, Benita is also co-founder of Urban Gams Seattle, which promotes health, play, and wellness for youth and their families.

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