Michelle Carter
Athlete & Entrepreneur
Pro Athlete

Michelle Carter has earned medals representing the US in several international competitions.


She has transformed her athletic image into a living representation of self-branding.


Michelle is dedicated to using her athletic and professional platforms to give back and inspire.

Meet the Shot Diva.

Three-time Olympian, American Shot Put Record Holder and 2016 Olympic Gold Medalist,Michelle Carter has dominated at the national and international level of track & field for more than a decade. Recognizing her passion for throwing and beauty, early on in her career teammates affectionately nicknamed Michelle the “Shot Diva,” a name she has embraced and currently uses to encourage women all over the world.

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College Achievments

Raised in Texas, Michelle Carter received a full track scholarship to the University of Texas, where she graduated in 2007 with a degree in Youth and Community Studies, and a minor in Kinesiology. At U of Texas, Michelle excelled on the intercollegiate stage becoming a two-time NCAA Indoor shot put champion in 2005 and 2006.

Olympic Multi-Medalist

As a professional, Michelle has represented the United States for the past ten seasons garnering an array of bronze, silver and gold medals at top international competitions including the World Championships, Pan American Games, and Olympics. To date, Michelle has been featured in Essence Magazine, Dallas Morning News, ESPN Magazine, The Sacramento Bee, and Track and Field News and has appeared on ESPN and NBC.

Giving Back

Eager to use her platform and give back, in 2013 Michelle founded the You Throw Girl Sports Confidence Camp, which focuses on providing support for the complete female athlete, offering confidence building and athletic empowerment. In addition to her philanthropic work Michelle, a certified makeup artist, is also the owner of Shot Diva’s Makeup, where she encourages and teaches the importance of highlighting beauty from the inside out.

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