Paula Whittle
Fashion Mogul
Paula Whittle
Entertainment Executive
Paula Whittle
Brand Architect
Fashion Mogul

Paula Whittle is the mind behind several fashion initiatives based in Atlanta.

Entertainment Executive

Ms. Whittle got her start as a highly sought after entertainment manager.

Brand Architect

In addition to her own brands, she serves as a creative director for diverse clientele.

Meet Ms. Paula Whittle.

When you think of fashion and entertainment in Atlanta two words come to mind—Paula Whittle. She has managed to defy the impossible, and has become a legend in the city of Atlanta by creating her very own fashion and entertainment powerhouse. Paula is also a serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, mentor, and developer.

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Atlanta International Fashion Week

Paula Whittle started Atlanta International Fashion Week in 2007. The annual event serves to bridge the gap and connecting continents through fashion, and attracting industry influencers with a passport to arts, culture, fashion, and entertainment.

Fashion Apprentice

As a part of the Atlanta International Fashion Week initiative, she began a mentorship program called Fashion Apprentice, an action-oriented response to the need of a comprehensive and hands on mentorship for young girls to obtain the knowledge and experience in business and fashion.

Business Experience

She has held positions as a creative strategist, producer, public relations manager, radio host, event management, and financial consultant. Her background in executive strategy and communications has led her down a path of ever-expanding entrepreneurial spirit and community outreach.

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